Lifestyle Loyalty Club 101


Lifestyle Loyalty Club – the ultimate gardening loyalty program created just for you!

It is FREE to join the Lifestyle Loyalty Club and once you have registered, you will instantly become a Lifestyle Loyalty Club member and can start earning rands back onto your card and redeeming your cashback right away!

Where can you see your Lifestyle Loyalty Club cashback balance:

Your cashback and savings balances can be viewed on our loyalty kiosks available at the loyalty station opposite the main Lifestyle Home Garden tills. Simply login with you card number and a full transaction history is available for your perusal.

Additionally, your cashback and savings balances – prior to the current transaction – are available at the bottom of your till slip.

Please note that your cashback can take up to 48 hours to show and as such the cashback earned on a specific transaction will not be visible on that transactions till slip. The till slip will only show cashback earned on previous transactions.

How do you redeem your Lifestyle Loyalty Club cashback or savings balances:

In order for you to redeem an available cashback or savings balance, you must present your Lifestyle Loyalty Club card BEFORE your transaction is processed. You may then scan your products and redeem your cashback, either for your entire shopping or part of your shopping – depending on the cashback available on your card. You can also choose the amount to which you want to redeem if you prefer not to redeem your full cashback value available.

There is no minimum limit that has to be reached before you can redeem rands from your card, so as soon as you have registered you can start redeeming your gardening loyalty rewards right away from your first transaction!

Why do you have to provide your personal information:

We will ask for certain personal information to be provided during the registration process. This information that we ask you for, is purely for security and communication purposes. We will not violate your privacy and will always keep this information secure. If you wish to no longer receive correspondence, you will be able to opt out from all of our communication.

Ultimately these forms of communication are used in order to enhance our customer service and marketing initiatives. They assist us to keep you in the loop of what’s going on at Lifestyle Home Garden and to help customise your shopping experience for your enhanced enjoyment. Furthermore, your personal details allow us to keep your money safe and secure. By providing us with your details we are able to track your gardening loyalty earnings and safeguard your money in the case of lost or stolen cards. Where after we can transfer all money onto your new card, so as to ensure that no earnings are lost.

Why do you not earn cashback on everything you buy:

Please note that there are certain products that are excluded from cashback earnings. All products already on promotion are excluded from cashback earnings, so you will not receive cashback for products that you buy on a promotion. Additionally, seedlings, magazines and delivery fees –amongst others – are excluded from cashback earnings and so you will not receive cashback when purchasing these certain excluded products.

What happens if your Lifestyle Loyalty Club card is lost or stolen:

If you card is lost or stolen, you will have to pay a fee of R50 for a new Lifestyle Loyalty Club card. If you have registered your first card with all of your personal details, then we will be able to transfer the earnings accumulated on your original card onto your new card.

If you have not registered with your personal details, then we can unfortunately accept no responsibility for earnings that are lost as a result of an unregistered lost or stolen card.

How do Lifestyle Home Garden gift cards work:

Our Lifestyle Home Garden Gift Cards are readily available for our customers to purchase and load with any amount of money to be spent at Lifestyle Home Garden and Mica Lifestyle. When loading a Gift Card, or alternatively when redeeming a Gift Card, we request that the cardholder register the Gift Card with your personal details. By doing so, the Lifestyle Home Garden team can ensure that your card is trackable and that your money ultimately remains safe and secure. With personal details registered, we are able to track and cancel a lost or damaged card and accordingly transfer your loaded money onto a new Gift Card or Lifestyle Loyalty Club card if you so wish. Without personal details, the Gift Card is untraceable and we accept no responsibility for such lost or damaged cards.

You do not earn any cashback rewards on Lifestyle Home Garden Gift Cards. If you receive a gift card and want to spend with Lifestyle Home Garden and earn rewards as you do so, simply register as a Lifestyle Loyalty Club member and we will transfer your balance from your Gift Card onto a Lifestyle Loyalty Club card so that you can start earning Lifestyle Loyalty Club rewards.


Please remember that in order to earn cashback on your purchase, you must present your Lifestyle Loyalty Club card BEFORE the transaction begins!


Click |HERE| to read the full gardening loyalty terms and conditions.


Please email with any queries, concerns or feedback regarding the Lifestyle Loyalty Club and how you can get the most out of your gardening loyalty.

We would love to hear from you!

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