Kids Korner – Rock Markers for the vegetable garden

Welcome to the Kids Korner- the place where we show you how to get your children into the garden. We bring you ideas on how to spend time with your little ones, garnering their creativity and enabling you to spend quality time with them in the outdoor sunshine.

This week we show you how to make Rock markers for the vegetable garden. They can be placed next to each type of plant to show which plant is which whilst they are in seedling form. Or your children can place them next to mature plants as a means to distract birds away from the real fruit or vegetable.

Degree of Difficulty: Easy

You will need:

  • smooth pebbles of various sizes
  • acrylic paint in various colours
  • paintbrushes in various sizes

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How to create your Marker Rocks:

Step 1: Decide which pebbles suit each type of plant that you would like to create a marker for.  For example, a smooth round rock will suit a tomato plant quite well. A particularly thin slender rock may suit a bean or cucumber plant well, or a large plump rock may do perfectly for a pumpkin.

Step 2: Help your child to paint each rock different colours. Take time to allow them to dry in the sun. When the pebbles are dry, paint additional details such as faces, or little white dots for strawberries. A long pebble for a zucchini may be painted with extra stripes.

Step 3: Allow your child the task of placing them in the vegetable garden or under fruit trees.

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This is a fun way of spending time with your little ones and a means of teaching them different colours and shapes. For older children it is a great way of allowing them to have a place in the garden where they can display their rock art and feel responsible for labeling the plants.


If your garden is full of flowers, rock markers can be made for these too. The face of a sunflower or a pansy can easily be painted onto a flat round pebble.

Spring is around the corner and we can all feel the lift in temperature. It’s time to get outdoors and get creative!

We would love to see what you and your children get up to in the garden! Tag us on Instagram using the hashtags  #lifestylehomegarden and #lifestylekidskorner and the tag @LifestyleHomeGarden so that we can see your posts!

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