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We’ve all seen those Pinterest pictures of Fairy gardens with sweeping waterfalls, bridges, solar lights, entire terraces and towering castles. This week we show you how to create a colourful, simple, and beautiful fairy garden with your little ones, minus the (optional) extravagance, but with all the fun!


You will need:

  • a large flat round planter (we used a bonsai planter)
  • some potting soil
  • a variety of pebbles, some large and some “fairy sized”
  • flowering plants, or green plants of your choice
  • live moss (we used spagnum moss)
  • newspaper
  • an assortment of fairies and fairy furniture (optional)
  • lollipop sticks and acrylic paints in various colours if you choose to make fencing

How to Make your Fairy Garden

Step 1: Fill the planter with potting soil. Plant the flowers and small plants you have chosen. We used some miniature plants. Remember to leave some flatter areas for moss.

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Step 2: Tuck some moss into the edges so that no soil is showing. Plant moss in areas to demarcate a “fairy lawn”. We laid a bridge over the moss. You can find these in Lifestyle Home Garden in the fairy furniture section. You can also find packets of moss by the silk flowers.

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Step 3: Lay out some big pebbles for fairies to rest on, or create a fairy walkway with the smaller gravel.

kids korner gravel path blog lifestyle home garden nursery plant shop johannesburg gauteng childrens activities quality time family summer outdoors

Step 4: Demarcate flower beds by tucking popsicle sticks around certain areas of flowers as make-shift fences. We skipped this part but it’s an easy way to make the garden look fenced.

Step 5: Let the children place fairies and fairy furniture around the planter.

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Which fairy items did we use?

We used a sitting fairy holding leaves, a small bridge with flowers and moss growing through it, a birds nest with a bird resting on it, and a log with foxes. We went for a forest animal theme but there are so many beautiful items to choose from.

lifestyle home garden kids korner nursery plant shop blog childrens activities quality time family summer outdoors johannesburg gauteng

Where do we find Fairies and Fairy Furniture?

Lifestyle Home Garden has a fabulous assortment of fantastical finds of the Fairy kind! Everything from tiny mushrooms and lanterns, bridges and floral walkways, to homes in Boots and Treetop Hideaways!

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The little ones may wish to decorate using small pine cones, leaves, dried flowers, small toy cars, cocktail umbrellas, marbles, or any other small item they are fond of. Let the creativity flow!

A ceramic planter can be replaced with a bucket, a broken pot, an old wheelbarrow, or any other vessel. (We’ve heard that some fairies love to live in gardens made of old boots!)

Popsicle sticks can be used to create a myriad of different furniture such as tables, pool loungers or armchairs.

You can also choose to make the garden at the foot of a tree, with winding paths leading up to a doorway at the trees base.

You can find our beautiful fairy garden on display in the Fairy Garden section at Lifestyle Home Garden. 

lifestyle home garden nursery plant shop kids korner childrens activities quality family time outdoors summer johannesburg gauteng


Try figuring out a theme for the garden before starting. Maybe your little one is keen on a Christmas theme (they can place Christmas ornaments in the fairy garden) or a Summer Holiday theme, where they place shells into the garden.

Have fun with the project and tag us in your projects!

Please remember to occasionally water your fairy garden if you have used real plants.


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Spring is here and we are all loving the sunshine. It’s time to get outdoors and get creative!



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