Pots and Pot Covers

Today’s indoor planter and pot designs have become extremely creative, allowing for green thumbs of all shades to incorporate plants in the home with a wide range of options. When shopping for indoor planters and pots, choose one that not only fits with your decor, but works with plants that require maintenance levels compatible with your lifestyle.

Take your pick of colors, shapes and materials: ceramic, metal, plastic, cement, you name it, there’s an indoor pot or pot cover for you.


When you’re redecorating a room that’s in dire need of a new look, some new home décor choices can instantly liven it up.  A few changes in home decorations can pack a mighty punch and quickly change a “blah” room into a space worthy of a magazine cover.

We offer a wide variety of home decor products to choose from and to help you add the finishing touches to your home whether it’s with ornaments, clocks, vases, sculptures, furniture or many other décor accessories.


A gift is something you give someone that tells them you care and in doing so you can use your personal touch to make that person feel special.

Big or small we have it all; anything from gift plants, décor items and gift accessories like cards, to a stack of giftable items and accessories from our in store Mica.


Furniture makes each home unique. Whether you live in a city apartment or own a free standing house your home furnishings should be both functional and reflective of your personal style.

Tables – tick, chairs – tick, we keep it all for you at Lifestyle so all that’s needed for you is to make the perfect pick.

Silk Flowers

Silk flowers aren’t quite the real thing but they do a great job of adding that little decorative touch to your home that’s both functional and long lasting.

Our silk flower selection ranges from large bamboo palms to small and colourful roses, every colour hydrangea, succulents, foliage and lavender in pots. With various colour ranges, sizes to suit your space and spectacular styles that look so real, you are sure to find that long lasting plant that can fill any area.


Christmas at Lifestyle is like no other. We offer you a unique and exclusive range of the trendiest and most current Christmas essentials and accessories all pooled together to create uniquely South African Christmas ideas and themes to wow your Christmas visitors on that festive day.

Let your creativity run away and take full advantage of our renowned Christmas offering and indulge in everything from Christmas trees, baubles, hanging décor, animated toys to the perfect center piece and let Lifestyle help you to choose your Christmas.


Don’t worry your kids won’t be forgotten at Lifestyle, because there’s just so much that will capture their attention and fuel their imagination. You can get your children enthused with gardening by getting them their first Venus fly trap or bonsai, which are always popular choices for the youngsters.

If not there’s so much more on offer for your kids that can keep them entertained like our awesome range of kiddies products in our store. The boots to jump in rain puddles, the spades to dig, the gloves to keep their hands clean when they are getting their hands dirty and mini planters and flowers so they too can be gardeners. Just bring them along for the shopping and trust they will find a watering can and garden fork just to suit them.


We have all those home enhancement products, DIY necessities, hand protecting merchandise, center piece creating features and fairy garden pieces to add that whimsical feeling to your home and garden space. Find glass vases, mini mushrooms, moss, coasters, chandeliers, metal shelves, floral garden gloves, gum boots, candles, scented diffusers, mirrors and fragrance sachets at Lifestyle Home Garden – your home and garden needs satisfied in one wonderfully mystifying place.

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