Happy Life Plants Gift Guide

A festive guide to your happy place

Happy Life Plantswhere chlorophyll and endorphins meet in a wonderfully tropical, colourful, stylish and laid back environment that always just feels welcoming. With coffee in hand from the on-brand coffee cart just outside our Store’s entrance, perusing the selection of plants and accessories is pure bliss.

We have compiled, for your enjoyment and convenience, a festive Gifting Guide. Find everything from plants, pots and woven goodies to decorative clay planting substrates, worm-casting enriched fertiliser and gorgeous gardening tools, to curated plant care cards – you are sure to find something you love to gift a loved one or yourself!

But first – plants!

Cute-as-a-button Ferns, deeply-hued Imperial Red’s and Rubber Plants, plants imbued with pink tones – we have them all! See below our favourite picks:

  1. Sitting at R149.99 for a 15cm pot, the Pink Arrowhead adds a pastel pink-peach hue to its surroundings – just magical!
  2. The Button Fern is R79.99 and has a beautiful flowing downward growth habit, which is voluminous and dense. Perfect for hanging baskets.
  3. At R199.99 for a 20cm pot, the Fishbone Prayer plant has become reknowned for its thickly veined and incredibly striking foliage.

Please note plants come in a black premium nursery pot. Terracotta or coloured Sebor plants are charged additionally and prices are also size-dependent.

Accessories and Plant Care

4) Hand-crocheted Pot Socks are the locally-made adorable plant accessory you didn’t know you needed! From R199.99

5) Good Roots hand tools offer aesthetics in spades – these are the stocking stuffers you NEED to gift your gardener bestie!

6) HerMerakai Plant Care spray is the natural solution to glossy, pest free plants – and it’s 100% organic. From R209.99 for 200ml.

Truly niche choices…

7) Buddha pots in various neutral tones will add zen to any space. Glazed or matt from R299.99.

8) Clay substrates are ideal for orchids and succulents – use as a colourful planting medium from R129.99.

9) Macrame hangers in varying colours and sizes, for that retro, very on-trend look! Locally made and priced from R139.99 each.

10) Totes an essential – your new carry-all in two variants with fresh colourful packaging! Locally made and just screaming ECO FRIENDLY! R199.99 each.

Baskets, Plant bags & unique gifts

11) Baskets are back in a big way – take your retro jungle look to the next level with rustic baskets priced from R199.99 for an XS size (12cm)

12) Plant your babies up in these oh-so-aesthetically pleasing plant bags, from R269.99 for a 12cm size

13) For R199 house your plant in a gorgeous cheerful hanging basket – various colours available

14) Unique and generously sized baskets range in colours and are priced at R449.99 each

15) Propagation kits are available in varying freestanding and hanging options, from R419,99. They include instructions, the propagation vase and rooting hormone.

Feel free to pop in-store to check out these amazing gift ideas ahead of this festive season, and indeed for any gifting occasion!

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