Hanging Basket Recipe

Recipe for a Hanging Basket

There’s nothing quite like a beautiful hanging basket of colourful plants next to an entrance, lining a pathway or adorning a veranda, to brighten up your day. Here we have put together a guide to help you plant up your own hanging baskets…

Follow our How-To video on how to plant a hanging basket by clicking on the video below:

What You Will Need for Your Hanging Basket:

  • A sturdy hanging basket or any suitable hanging container, with a liner that is strong, yet allows drainage
  • Good quality potting soil
  • Water retention granules, clay aggregate or perlite
  • Plants of your choice



POSITION – sun or shade

WATERING NEEDS – high, medium or low

HEIGHT and SPREAD – taller plants in the middle will give nice height to the basket

COLOUR – do you want plants of the same colour, contrasting colours, a merry mix?

DEPTH – cascading plants on the side will add depth to the basket

VARIETY – look at various foliage textures and contrast in foliage colour

Method for Planting up Your Hanging Basket:

– You can refer to the image below for examples as mentioned here –

  • Water all plants well before planting.
  • Fill the basket about halfway with soil.
  • Mix in water retention material.
  • Plant your highest growing plants (A) in the middle first, slightly off centre.
  • Plant the smaller plants (B) in alternating rows around this.
  • On the outer row, alternate the lowest, bushy plants with cascading plants (C).
  • Leave some space for the plants to still grow and fill out.
  • Fill up with potting soil at a very slight slope towards the centre to avoid overflow. Make sure all roots are covered.
  • Water thoroughly and leave in a sheltered place for a day or two, then hang in its permanent place.

Upkeep of your Hanging Basket:

  • Most essential is regular watering – every day in hot or windy weather or in a sunny position.
  • Feed every 2-3 weeks with a liquid plant food of your choice.
  • Regular dead heading of flowers will encourage prolonged flowering.
  • If you have used a mixture of annuals and perennials, replace the annuals with new ones at the end of their season.

Keep checking our blog page and social media as we post updated hanging basket recipes for each season!

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