Guest Gardener: Saffron de la Rouviere

Guest gardener: Saffron de la Rouviere

Our newest Guest Gardener is proud owner of the plant-business Saffron’s Garden Plant Club – she’s a gem of a find whose social media pages will engross and delight.

She has taken Plants and Community and fused them into a full time passion. Below she speaks to her business and passion (which is essentially loving plants) and how it all came to flourish.

How did your love for plants come to be a thriving business?

A love for plants, community and gifting intertwined into Saffron’s Garden Plant Club, which aims to connect the plant-loving community by showcasing businesses that cater to the plant industry. This, alongside connecting plant-lovers with one another through a Facebook group and virtual hashtags, plant meetups and swaps. 

When did you realise that plants were an integral part of your happiness?

After spending a year living in a concrete jungle in Asia, Saffron realised how critical plants were to her health and happiness and committed to making plants a big part of her life. At the time she never dreamed it would also become her business, and today, her focus is on building plant-loving communities across South Africa.

Why do you garden in your non-traditional space? (For example, are you trying to supplement groceries by growing your own? Or are you beautifying a space indoors?)

I had a staircase and it seemed so empty and formidable on its own. Once I started putting cascading plants against it, the staircase provided a whole new atmosphere.  I also just love the idea of plants as a part of my home and decor. Having that pop of green makes me happy. I also have a small courtyard with a tiny greenhouse where I sit and admire my fragile tropical plants.

What are your favourite / most treasured plants?

I would say, I really love my variegated Monstera deliciosas as well as my Philodendron plowmanii and Calathea orbifolia.

How regularly do you buy plants?

Around every 3 weeks. But sometimes it’s a burst of purchases and then other times I can contain myself for a month 🙂

The definition of plant-obsessed

Saffron is what you would call “plant mad”. She has well over 400 indoor plants covering every space in her office and house, she dances with her plants every Friday to make sure they’re happy, and this passion has blossomed into her beautiful plant business. She takes about 3 hours on a weekly basis to care for over 600 plants.

What are your social media handles? If you have an Instagram account what is your handle IG:

@saffronsgarden FB /saffronsgarden Twitter @saffronsgarden YT: saffronsgarden

What is the name of the suburb you currently reside in?

Hout Bay, Cape Town

Funnily…it all started almost accidentally…

Saffron’s first-ever plant was a cactus that accidentally set alight at a house party when she was a teenager. The cactus survived and after 25 years of love and care is now thriving, as are the hundreds of plant siblings that later joined the family. A journey of love and passion that started with a fiery cactus moved through a garden plant phase and then on to succulents, before being completely consumed by house plants.

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