Guest Gardener: Phuti Mojela

Meet our latest Guest Gardener!

Phuti Mojela approached us to be a Guest Gardener, and with her love of nature, contagiously gorgeous golden smile, vivacious love for the outdoors and beautiful garden, we were only to happy to feature her!

How regularly do you buy plants?

Too often to the detriment of my pocket. I must say though that I’m fortunate to have a small garden otherwise the weekly nursery visits would have caused more damage to my savings. Propagation has also become a favorite passion project, especially because I love succulents so its enjoyable to watch them grow from nothing.

How much time, on average, per week do you spend on plant upkeep?

I don’t usually measure time spent in the garden, for me it is therapeutic and the longer I commune with plants the better I feel. It always shifts my perspectives, how plants struggle and thrive in different seasons is an indication of how I can also navigate different seasons. Now that I’m back in the office weekends are best to catch up, nurture and check on progress.

Why do you garden in your non-traditional space? (For example, are you trying to supplement groceries by growing your own? Or are you beautifying a space indoors?)

I believe that a house is not a home unless its surrounded by the green living organisms. The look and feel of the colour of life improves my living space. I wish I had the same appetite for cooking as much as I do for gardening, but I do use the herbs and vegetables where I can. I recently harvested strawberries which went well with champagne. (I think all readers are now licking their lips!)

How did you get into gardening?

I adopted the hobby from my grandmother, it is one of the things that keeps me connected to her even especially now that she is no longer amongst the living. She planted whatever she could and has always encouraged us to eat fresh organic foods. Hiking has also exposed me to the vast wealth of the flora and fauna we have in the country. I don’t know how to walk in the garden or trails and not feel goosebumps at the sight of plants and flowers.

What are your social media handles? If you have an Instagram account what is your handle

I’m active on Instagram (@phutimojela) and twitter (@phutimojela).

I find social media to be very informative when used correctly, I get a lot of ideas on how to propagate and care for plants. A picture of a plant or flower always makes me smile. (side-note from the author – if you want a feel good account to follow, full of fun and travels and general happy goodness with a ton of stunning views – Phuti is the one to follow!)

What is the name of the suburb you currently reside in?

Pierre van Ryneveld, Centurion.

What type of home do you have? Flat/apartment, house, flat-share, garden cottage, etc

I live in a town house and fortunate to have a garden to experiment on. Now that I have ran out of planting space, I use bigger pots and pallets to maximize planting space.

What is your favourite place to buy plants?

Local nurseries, the plants people even know me by name. I also support the street vendors whenever possible.

If you purchase from Lifestyle Home Garden, are you a Loyalty member?

Yes, and I intend to be a regular customer. I came across the store through a podcast feature on CliffCentral and it has since been a favorite. (We love that you found us through CliffCentral!)

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