Give your home a new look with trendy living room decor

Looking for ways to update your home with a fresh twist on living room decor? Search no further than incorporating inspiration from the great outdoors. We explore why this trend is so big at the moment, and why it’s likely to stay. From styling your space to reinterpreting what ‘going green’ means, see what all the hype is about in getting back to our roots.

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Bring the outside in with living room decor

After exploring the garden trends of 2020, we look into how we can incorporate plants and natural elements into living room decor. Two major components of this year’s aesthetic are very likely to extend into 2022: a green trend, along with biophilic design. To understand more about these two concepts, consider them complementary. Biophilic design celebrates the love for nature, by connecting back to the environment through construction, re-envisioning space and place. The green trend is both a look and a lifestyle, whether by being more environmentally friendly with sustainable options or incorporating a green aesthetic with plants in the home. We love them both — and the great ideas you can easily bring into your living quarters. By creating literal green space (improving air quality and a calming neutral tone into the home), this emphasis on a green atmosphere is entirely beneficial. 

Styling ideas

For those new to caring for plants indoors, no worries. Many plant experts suggest starting small and working your way up. Think of simple starting plants like cacti or succulents, with minimal requirements. As you gain more confidence, you can slowly add and incorporate the perfect indoor plants to your home. While adding plants, arrange them in bunches, creating little green pockets in every corner. 

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Create dazzling displays 

Once you’ve worked your way up, you can tackle bigger and better plant varieties to put on show. Beyond a simple flower bouquet in a vase on a table, rethink how you can utilise space. 

Make a grand stand 

For striking statements, choose a singular large plant and showcase it in a stand, drawing the eye towards this focal feature. Choose from wrought iron pot stands that cradle a ceramic bowl, or a simple, earthy terracotta to add colour and texture to the home. More than just a container for a plant, pots themselves can also be a decorative feature. Create thematic spaces by choosing contemporary or antique styles. Go for a bold presentation by choosing from our myriad of brightly coloured pot covers, as well as neutral and muted options. These can draw a room together, picking up on colour accents or complementary features from other pieces. 

Take your display to new heights

Plants can be more than a centrepiece for a table, and can really brighten up a lacklustre corner. Re-envision what you can do with the open space of a room. Use the blank canvas of a bare wall or mid-air space and fill with the life of hanging plants. Feature a basket with a vine, with the tendrils cascading down a wall. 

Another option is to create a constructed green area with a vertical garden. Use modern, minimal bookshelves to stack and rack multiple pots in a vertical arrangement. For a rustic feel, use sanded, reclaimed palettes as a shelving unit. The use of green walls creates a focal point, as well as an accessible, modifiable surface that can be customised to suit your aesthetic. We have various vertical wall options for sale at Lifestyle Home Garden, both from the MICA Lifestyle store and from our nursery.

Reimagine current features 

You can take just about any surface or room and enliven it with appropriate plants. From small humble succulents in arrangements on the coffee table, to stand-alone features in the corner of your living room, there are endless possibilities to creating a green space. For large modular shelves, add a plant to complement your display of books or novelty pieces, or feature as a singular pop of vibrant green.

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Artificial alternatives to living plants

If you feel you aren’t quite in the mindset for plant care, you can still channel the charm of plants through other options. The main theme for this year is a spectrum of bold, bright colours taken from nature’s palette. Think green, blue and yellow and integrate it into features around the room. You can extend this concept into an immersive experience with paintings, wallpapers, and printed fabrics. Besides just a visual aesthetic, think of immersing yourself in nature through scent and touch. Add aromatic herbal or essential oils derived from organic inspiration, as well as following through with tactile experiences. 

To keep in line with biophilic design, you can recreate elements found in nature through decorative pieces, materials, textures, shapes and outlines, sequences and colours. Think organic wooden or wicker pieces contrasted with soft furnishings. Add fabrics with varied finishings and patterns on throw cushions, light blankets, or area rugs. To add the final touches, celebrate nature’s wonders with the simple addition of silk flowers or green features. Just be sure instead of watering, you add dusting to your weekly routine to keep these beauties looking their best. 

Further ideas for interiors

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