Gardening Trends 2022

Gardening Trends 2022

The trends for this year follow much in the footsteps of years prior, with an emphasis on the themes of organic living, sustainability and natural materials.

Gardening on the rise

Vertical gardening is the solution for many an urban dweller, with it’s popularity gaining momentum in recent years. The availability of vertical gardening materials is a chief reason for this, with a wonderful array of urban gardening equipment available at Lifestyle Home Garden.

Click |HERE| for the Gardena City Gardening vertical gardening watering kit.

Urban gardeners are embracing pot gardening and vertical gardening in compact spaces.

Small spaces make for cosy gardens

Terraces, rooftop gardens and balconies are gaining popularity amongst urban dwellers and modern young gardeners. Small space gardening is commonplace these days, with many young couples, corporates and small families planting veggies, small trees and flowers on balconies and in vertical gardening set-ups.

Grab a castor for heavier plants, and they become easy to move when the neighbours pop over for a braai. Plant up creepers to climb up a trellis, to form a screen for privacy. Vertical gardening goes hand in hand with small spaces. But there are a multitude of ways in which small space gardens can be created – consider planting tufts of grasses on the borders of decorative pavers. Imagination and a little bit of ingenuity will be the most rewarding part of the small garden journey.

Ensure pots have sufficient moisture retention capability by using water retention granules – we recommend the Starke Ayres Hydrocache, available to purchase |HERE|, but it is only one of many great water retention products available.

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Small spaces can often be packed with plenty of interesting, useful and decorative herbs, edibles, flowers and small bushes and trees.


Is there any more of a buzz-word than sustainability? And yet, far from being a word that is set to phase out, it’s importance grows with time.

How can we practice sustainability?

Planting plants in the right watering zones, setting up irrigation to get their roots established properly and with the correct amount of water, and planting perennials which will perform in the garden over a sustained time period – these are all acts which contribute to sustainability in the garden.

Mulching forms an integral layer of living biodiverse organisms over time – using leaf mulch, peach pip mulch, bark or any other organic material which will break down into the soil over time is an good idea. It primarily keeps plants moist in hot weather, and warm enough in cooler conditions. An excellent practice! Read more about mulching |HERE|.

Slow release fertilisers

Slow release fertilisers are another way to infuse soil with balanced minerals over a longer time period. Talborne and Atlantic Fertilisers both offer organic solutions in this regard. Click |HERE| to purchase slow release fertilisers from our online store.

Plant Indigenous plants

Indigenous plants are simple to find and a joy to own, with the knowledge that these easy-to-care-for plants will be part of your green space for years to come, with little to no hassle. They are naturally occurring in the area they are found and thrive well in that region. Read more |HERE| and be sure to include them in your garden planning!

A cut above the rest

Cut flowers are a true treasure to behold, enlivening any indoor space with colour and zest. Testament to their popularity is the rise of cut-flower growers, both locally and internationally. Instragram feeds are populated by colour-infused squares of blooms, freshly harvested and available to sell to the local public. Why not try to grow your own?

Lifestyle has an incredible array of flower seeds, (think Asters, Poppies, Sweetpeas) potted Dahlias ready to plant, and a multitude of tools that you may find helpful. Invest in a good pair of secateurs and some gloves too, while you’re at it!

dahlia cut flower trends trending 2022 south africa floral florist blooms flowers grow your own lifestyle home garden johannesburg style summer spring
Dalhias come in plenty of varieties especially when sewn by seed, and make excellent long lasting cut flowers

Water wisdom

Succulents and cacti form the foundation of a water-wise garden – which in itself is a sustainable garden. Add hard landscaping and layer of rocks and pebbles, and you need to water the garden is less than halved. Xeriscape gardening (gardening which utilises plants and the necessary landscaping measures to reduce irrigation significantly) has reached epic proportions in drier countries, and with the unpredictability of our weather patterns due to climate change, this is a logical and forward-thinking choice.

Choosing water-wise plants extends to many varieties of grasses and perennials – have a look |HERE| to read more about our own water-wise practices and advice.

Embrace water-saving irrigation practices, employ mulching as mentioned above, invest in rain water storage tanks – the ways in which water can be saved are plentiful.

Very Violet

Very Peri is the very-violet Pantone colour of the year for 2022. Que the addition of everything remotely purple in the garden – and with the availability of multiple varieties of Lavandula and Wisteria, various Alliums and Salvias, this is now more than attainable. Consider including Agapanthus, Pansies, Tibouchina, Iris bulbs and Osteospermum in the mix.

petunia night violet sky nightsky variety plant flower lifestyle home garden flowers trends pantone colour of the year 2022
Very Peri is epitomised in these gorgeous violet petunias with their striking white speckled colouring.
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