Gardening tips and tricks for spring

Hints of warmer days, longer times of sunshine and pops of green budding. Yes, it’s that time of year again. Spring is a welcomed season for garden renewal — and a busy period for getting your garden prepared and on track. Make sure you get everything done with our complete guide of gardening tips and tricks for sure spring success.

Getting your spring garden in order

The transition from winter to spring is a most welcome one. While there is much to do to wake up a sleepy garden, we have some gardening tips and tricks from our various guides to get you on the right path. While an August garden is still crisp and chilled, it is the right month to get a head start on spring tasks in South Africa, as well as clear any signs of overwintering pests before spring truly sets in for September.

Tuck these gardening tips and tricks into your toolbelt

Preparing for your spring garden starts with none other than a proper spring clean! This is all about neatening and organising, removing old growth and making way for new nutrients to access plants easier.

Plan projects and prep

Before heading off to do great things, create a to-do list and schedule so that you can complete tasks realistically. Organise it by considering the time available, resources at hand, prioritising jobs and then setting your goals. This way, you can keep track of your work — and feel a great sense of accomplishment. If you also need to refresh ponds or water features, stain decks or clear gutters before spring rains, you’ll be able to plan it all in good timing. Gardening genius. 

Clean up and clear out

Nothing is more revitalising than a freshened up garden. But don’t forget your working space. Make an effort to tidy your shed and tools before they get put to use for the spring and summer months ahead. Think of sharpening blades, oiling handles, and clearing out the clutter from your shed that provides a welcoming space for pests.

Clip, cut and control

 At the end of winter and near the beginning of early spring, this is prime pruning time on old wood. Now is when you put your shears and loppers to good use for a thorough pruning. You can see branch structure better with sparse foliage, helping you shape your foliage before the buds break through and energy and nutrients get sent out to its branches. 

Prep soil to avoid future toil

To create the ideal growing grounds, give your soil some TLC. Add generous amounts of compost and fertilisers to your garden and flower beds to assist in boosted nutrients for ensured growth. Water well afterwards. In addition, apply mulch to help maintain moisture and halt weeds from sprouting through.

Sow your seeds, grow your garden

Now for the exciting part, adding to your garden. Whether you decide to plant from trays or sprinkle in seeds, make sure to always read up on your plant’s information. This informs you regarding the watering and light requirements and ideal location and planting time to help your plant thrive. Once you’re finished prepping your soil, sow your seeds and cover them with soil as indicated on the packet. Water well with a fine spray and cover with straw or mulch to retain moisture.  Another great idea — thin out weaker seedlings to allow space for stronger ones to develop.

Pest control

Lastly, ensure the success of your plants by protecting them with pest control. Whether you choose to go organic or apply carefully designed solutions, pest control is essential to avoiding future heartache over a plant or whole crop lost to pesky pests.

Spruce up your garden for spring success

May the transition from winter to spring be as smooth and successful with these gardening tips and tricks at hand. If you require more information or expert advice, contact us.

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