Gardener Diaries: 20 October 2017

I am an amateur gardener and these are my daily thoughts…

How often do you eat?

Imagine not eating for a whole month.

I believe any normal human being would feel an overwhelmingly unpleasant bout of HANGRY – which obviously means hungry angry; you know that awful mood you impose on everyone around you when you have not eaten in a while – when you don’t get enough nutrients and nourishment to sustain yourself on a daily basis.

Well believe it or not, plants get hangry too!

As an amateur gardener its so easy to feel brown fingered when you are still becoming accustomed to caring for plants. But oftentimes this ‘failure’ is due to disregarding simple, yet vital, gardening tasks. One thing that is commonly forgotten about and neglected is fertilising! Forgetting to feed your plants with fertiliser can greatly affect their quality of life and discourage your green finger journey, when your plants don’t thrive as you would like them to.

Fertilising is the process of ensuring that vital nutrients are made available to your plants.

There is a wide range of fertilisers suited to the various aspects of your garden. Be it plant food for indoor plants, lawn fertiliser for lush lawn growth, vegetable fertiliser to ensure healthy produce, flower fertiliser to ensure the greatest bloom or planting fertiliser for new plantings, to just name a few. You will easily find the right food for your specific plants needs – its like you choosing food for the different meals of the day; eggs for breakfast, salad for lunch, nuts for an afternoon snack and chicken & veggies for dinner – so too do your different plants need specific fertiliser to assist in the enhancement of their different needs.

Types of Fertilisers:

General garden and planting

Soil enhancement

Vegetable and herbs



Lawn and Foliage

BeneFits of Fertilising:

Supply nutrients for plants to take up

Encourage optimal plant growth

Stimulate soil health

Improve taste in edibles

Foster consistent growth of lawn, plants, flowers and edibles

Develop healthy plants which deter pests and diseases


All your garden beds, pots, indoor plants, shrubs and lawn should be fertilised on a regular basis! No one likes a hangry person and the same applies to plants. Feed your living greenery to keep them happy and thriving. Consider all your fertiliser options and feed your garden on a monthly basis to foster the healthiest and happiest garden environment.

Also remember to water well after fertilising so as to ensure that the nutrients penetrate right through the soil.

P.S. most fertiliser bags have instructions on how to use the fertiliser, be sure to read the packaging or consult a friendly Lifestyle Home Garden sales advisor to make sure that you know how to apply this oh so vital nourishment.

I hope that you learnt something new today!

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Sometimes the simplest of things seem complex to us when we are just a newbie gardener! So I am here to divulge my daily thoughts, unusual brainwaves, tips and solutions for gardening newbies as well as the experienced green fingered who have always pondered the accepted norms that don’t seem to ever be explained.

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