Gardener Diaries: 17 July 2017

I am an amateur gardener and these are my daily thoughts…

Annual? Perennial? Shmennial? What do these words even mean?

For any gardener knowing the difference between an annual and a perennial is quite important as it helps us to understand what we should plant when, how long the plants will last for, when your plants will flower and exactly what is the best way to invest our money in our gardens.


Annuals last only for one season and need to be bought and planted on a seasonal basis, they complete their entire life cycle in one year. These plants are sort of like your hyperactive friends who have tons of energy and enthusiasm for a short period of time and then crash and burn once all that energy is spent. As such they are bright colourful flowering varieties that flower profusely for one season and then die. Annuals are considered more cost effective, given that they are initially cheaper for your wallet and commonly are bought in seedling trays. They are very showy and add a splash of colour to any area.

Plants such as Pansies, Petunias, Primulas, Sweet peas, Snapdragons, Poppies and Marigolds are all annuals. These plants are available in sun and shade loving options to suit different areas of your garden.


Perennials survive for numerous seasons and follow a life cycle over several years – theses are the type that miraculously pop up again year after year. Perennials are more stable individuals and flower at a consistent rate season after season. Naturally these plants go through a dormant stage where they do not produce flowers and thereafter flower again when the season is right for the specific variety and continue to repeat this process year after year. Perennials are more expensive when you purchase them because they last for longer and are a considerable investment in your garden, as they will survive and flower for at least 2 years. Take a fresh young man with you when you want to buy perennials as they are usually bigger shrubs in pots or bags and you may need some handsome assistance to load your trolley and heave them around!

Plants such as Agapanthus, Roses, Hydrangeas, Lavender, are all perennials. These plants wont live forever but they survive on average between 3 and 5 years, some even longer, and are also available in sun and shade loving options.


I hope you learnt something new today!

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