Gardener Diaries: 11 July 2017

I am an amateur gardener and these are my daily thoughts…

Sometimes the simplest of things seem complex to us when we are just a newbie gardener! So I am here to divulge my daily thoughts, unusual brainwaves, tips and solutions for gardening newbies as well as the experienced green fingered who have always pondered the accepted norms that don’t seem to ever be explained.

Like classification of plants into sun, shade or semi-shade loving – I mean what is semi-shade loving even?

When a plant is classified into planting position, this indicates to us where we should plant our plants in our garden so that they can receive the right amount of sun in order for them to thrive.

Sun Loving Plants:

Your sun loving plants need sunshine most, if not all day. So a very sunny position is best for these plants.

Shade Loving Plants:

Your shade loving plants do not need sun and will survive best in a position that has shade majority of the day.

Semi-Shade Loving Plants:

The average rule of thumb here is that these plants need partial sun during the day. So this can be partial morning sun and partial afternoon sun or just morning sun or just afternoon sun. Under trees that don’t have dense foliage is probably ideal. Midday sun is way too hot and they should not be planted in a space where midday sun shines on. You should find a space that gets sun from sunrise until about 10:00am and likewise from about 3:00pm until sun set. Any sun shining on the space between 10:00am and 3:00pm will be too much for these plants.

I hope you learnt something new today!

Contact me on with any questions, qualms, ridiculous thoughts and unusual brainwaves – I am here to help you out!

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