Garden Trends 2019

Garden Trends 2019

We at Lifestyle Home Garden are always investigating the latest decor and gardening trends worldwide, to bring these moving currents in style fresh to you. In this blog we focus on some of the Global trends for 2019, in gardening and outdoor spaces.

Gardening for Climate Change

Drought resistant and drought tolerant gardens are the go-to trend this year, with many gardeners and landscapers incorporating stronger more resilient plants in their designs, leading away from the more tender annuals.

Plantscapes are being designed with water in mind. Water collection is a focus for many garden owners. With climate change and unpredictable weather patterns Worldwide, the emphasis is on water storage and careful water use. Plants are selected for their water storage abilities, and excess water is absorbed evenly throughout the soil through well-planned irrigation.

Plants which can withstand heat and drought are becoming popular choices- think succulents, cacti, and hardier flowering shrubs such as Salvias- these are first choice for water-wise gardens.

Hanging House Plants

Large architectural plants lend height and structure to any indoor space. Plants with interesting textured foliage and variegated or multi-colours are gaining popularity. The trend is not the pot or container, but the plant itself. Go as big as possible with Ferns, Delicious Monsters and trailing hanging vines such as Philodendrons.

Bold pops of colour

lifestyle home garden dahlia flower pop of colour nursery plant shop johannesburg gauteng

Both in garden beds and with indoor plants, bolder more vibrant colours are big in 2019. Think the tricolour Dracaena Marginata for indoor fresh bursts of pink, green and yellow, and spherical balls of whimsy in the form of dramatic pom-pom shaped dahlias.

Bulbs are an excellent idea for injecting magnificent colour. Find bulbs such as Anemones and Rananculus, Freesia and Dutch Iris, perfect for Autumn planting, at Lifestyle Home Garden. Other carpets of bright beauty can be planted throughout the year for summer and spring flowering. Lilium are great for pops of both bright and pastel hues, to be planted in April to June- these will flower in late September onwards.

Boldness and structure are key elements of this trend- the bigger, more space occupying the plant the better.

Perennial and Wildflower English Meadow Gardens

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A wildflower meadow creates gorgeous interest; magical layers of floating grass-flowers and perennial shrubs are visually appealing and great for the pollinators too. Add to that the fact that this method of planting is low maintenance and hassle free, and you have yourself a “wild” look- which is very on trend.

Favoured choices for wild flower gardens include Lupines, multi-coloured Daylillies, the Echinacae family, Daisies, Asters, Gauras, among a myriad of hardy grasses. Grasses are also available in the most fantastic colours these days- from deep dark green-black hues to lighter wheat colours, rich dark pinks, luminous greens and oranges.

Bringing the Wild in

There is ongoing support, evidenced in the UK, of support for wildlife “corridors” in the landscaping process. This involves thoughtful application of a planned, looser layout of plants with more hedging and a wilder selection of plants in the garden design process.

This encourages more bird species and smaller wildlife to become more at home in the domestic garden. Helpful additions to the garden that make wildlife feel even more at home are bug hotels, bird feeders and bird baths. Find more information about Insect hotels, ponds, and how to invite more wildlife into your garden by clicking |HERE|. We also have a fabulous selection of bird baths, bird feeders, insect hotels and bird seed in our Birding section in the nursery.

Gardens for Teens

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More than a trend, this is a move in the right direction, getting teenagers away from their ever-present technology and into nature. Clever use of privacy screens and the installation of abundant plants is necessary to create a sound proof environment. A wonderful way to get them to spend some time outside is to create a lounge area, or even a cosy simple seating arrangement in order for them to want to spend time outdoors.

The best way to get this kind of space to work is to involve them in the decisions regarding types of furniture, colours and plant types. Which colours do they enjoy? Which plants do they find trendy? If they are involved in the process they will appreciate the space that much more, and their participation will ensure a space they love.

Hardscaping using innovative materials

There is a move towards re-purposing timber, installing MDF (medium density fibre-board) and using Gabion forms to create interest and structure. Timber logs can form unique garden boundaries and walls, separating spaces within a garden, or creating a “dam wall” appearance from one layer or height to another in a garden. Add to this the fact that small wildlife and insects enjoy living in the crevices, and yet another way to bring wildlife into your garden is achieved.

MDF is under-utilised in the garden space. It’s newfound use as cladding is visually striking. It can be painted, stained or tinted a vast range of colours, and is inexpensive. It does need maintenance as it is a porous substance, so varnishing and sealing is necessary to keep it in top nick.

Gabion walls and tall planting baskets can be filled with stone or even coir. These geometric shapes are used to introduce strong vertical lines to a garden space- but the trend is to tweak the look with planting, usually with flowing, large leafed plants which will create an element of drama. Alternatively introduce billowing cushions of cascading creeping plants to bring texture, shape and form to the mix.


Are you experimenting with the gardening trends of 2019? If so we would love to see what you are up to in the garden.

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