Garden Trends 2019

Garden Trend Update 2019

Trends are continually changing and evolving, and we at Lifestyle Home Garden are here to help you embrace the newness of it all!

Waterwise Gardening

Drought resistant and drought tolerant gardens are the go-to trend this year, with many gardeners and landscapers incorporating stronger more resilient plants in their designs, leading away from the more tender annuals.

Think of water-storage capabilities and implement them in your garden. Jojo Tanks and other water storage vessels are a wise move in today’s unsure times.

Plants which can withstand heat and drought are becoming popular choices- think succulents, cacti, and hardier flowering shrubs such as Salvias – these are first choice for water-wise gardens. Find all the info you need on growing succulents in our Succulent Series!

salvia waterwise gardens lifestyle home nursery plant shop johannesburg gauteng flowers trends

Salvias offer colour and robust waterwise features.

Hanging and Vertical Gardens

Inside and out, there is a trend towards maximising space by planting on trellises, training up walls, or suspending plants mid-air in hanging baskets. This trend shows no sign of slowing down, with major gardening-product manufacturers introducing entire ranges of products centred around urban gardening.

Find out more about Gardena’s City Gardening range |HERE| and shop the range exclusively at Lifestyle Home Garden!

Find the widest range of hanging baskets, trellises, climbing plants and other tools and products to make your vertical and hanging gardens a reality, in store now!

Read more about Vertical Gardening |HERE| and catch our entire Urban Greenies Series |HERE|, where we elaborate on gardening in non-traditional spaces.

hanging plants lifestyle home garden nursery plant shop pothos vine johannesburg gauteng

Pothos are an excellent hanging plant option – fuss free and vigorous growers!

The Problem with Plastic

With only a finite amount of space in our oceans and land to cope with plastic waste, and it’s devastating affects on our natural world, plastic waste is fast becoming a problem of epic proportions.

Switch to products that are as natural as possible –  think bio-degradable planting pots made of natural materials such as coco peat, and items packaged in paper. Check out our Jiffy range of bio-degradable planting pots in-store now.

Find our In-depth blog about Waste – Free living |HERE|.

Spaces to heal

The growing need to escape the reality of our stressful lives means that many people are opting to create a safe haven / escape in the garden. A space to meditate, indulge in the pages of a novel, or a spot of yoga on an outstretched mat on a shady spot of lawn.

A cup of tea or cool beverage just tastes better in nature – surrounded by lush growing plants, cooling water features that introduce the twinkle of water, and the sounds of nature.

meditate yoga lifestyle home garden nursery plant shop johannesburg gauteng gardening trends

Meditating in nature is a great way to destress and unwind.

Bring the outdoors in…

Indoor plants are a fantastic way to bring Green into a space. And they don’t need to be exclusively green – think the Philodendron Rojo Congo which is a magnificent red-brown with green undertones, or the various skinny Dracaena Marginata varieties with red, pink and cream tips. There are so many colourful options!

But don’t get stuck in aesthetics alone – there are a host of amazing properties that indoor plants bring to the party – read more |HERE| about their various benefits!

The most important part:

Growing food is an essential part of our futures. From food security, to seed saving – every element of growing food is important to nurture and maintain in the generations to come.

See our blog series on Homesteading and Food Forests and check our informative blog on Potager Gardening – which is a gorgeous path to owning your own French – inspired Kitchen garden.

vegetable growing food security seed saving zucchini grow food lifestyle home garden

Growing your own food is incredibly rewarding!

Are you experimenting with the gardening trends of 2019? If so we would love to see what you are up to in the garden.

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