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Tender Loving Care for your Garden this Month of Love

It’s the season of love, when butterflies fill our hearts (and our gardens).  We are head over heels for garden spaces this month, and want to share all the ways that you can show your garden space some Love and TLC as a new season dawns…

Clearing out the Weeds

Nothing is a simpler act of love in the garden than Weeding. Clearing spaces of invasive weeds is simple to do, and Lifestyle Home Garden has an array of helpful products in our Plant Doctor section, just alongside Inside Info.

Fertilising and Feeding

Feeding and Fertilising is the golden rule of gardening. Just as humans and animals need food, so too do plants. Fertilising and feeding at the correct, regular intervals will encourage new growth, strong plant structures, fruiting and flowering, and abundant crops. Click on the video link below to watch exactly how to Fertilise and Feed your plants.

Spreading the Watering Love

Find a complete watering guide |HERE| and don’t forget to stick to seasonal watering restrictions as set out by varying regions. Watering is an essential act of love in the garden, and your garden will be abundantly receptive to less frequent deep waterings, as opposed to frequent shallow ones. Find a host of watering guidance and products in-store at our Lifestyle MICA branch, to really make your watering journey efficient and stream-lined.

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Rain is a very valuable resource that is not guaranteed – and watering restrictions should be adhered to – so use rain water harvesting to supplement the natural supply in your area.

The Art of Composting

Composting! Of all the miracles in the gardening world, the ability for garden refuse, moisture and bacteria to form “Black Gold” is what draws gardeners to this task. It nourishes soil, feeds plants, aerates soil and changes the structure of soil to accommodate earthworms and other beneficial organisms. For information on Composting and Bokashi bins, speak to our friendly sales staff!

composting earthworms living soil lifestyle home garden nursery plant shop gauteng johannesburg
The soil we plant our flowers, seeds, seedlings, shrubs and trees in, is alive with beneficial creepy crawlies!

Pruning Basics

The very nature of a tree is to grow – upwards and wild! And without interference, a tree will still grow. But with consistent, accurate Pruning, your fruit trees and roses will yield better and form stronger plants. This act of Love in the garden reaps visual and edible benefits (in the case of fruit trees) and will become second nature once the skill is honed.


It may not come across as a loving or gentle act to deadhead a plant – but doing so encourages fresh flushes of blooms and vigorous growth. Use sharp shears or a gentle pinch of the finger – never tugging too much at the plant.

Lifestyle home garden rose roses pruning fertilising feeding flowers blooms nursery plant shop johannesburg gauteng
Roses benefit greatly from being pruned, fertilised and deadheaded as the seasons change and progress.

Click on the link below to watch a How – To video on deadheading:

Growing to Love Mulching

The final, and much under-rated, act of true love towards your garden, is Mulching. Doing so protects soil against harsh heat, prevents roots from drying out, forms a layer of decomposing organic matter, and is aesthetically rather beautiful! Use absolutely any organic material to cover the bases of plants – but keep mulch away from the stems.

We hope you have a blast loving your garden as much as we love to share tips about plants! Let us know if you have any queries!

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