Are you looking to up your gardening game and learn some new skills? Starting from the beginning of March and running concurrently with the Lifestyle Garden Design Show, we offer a series of exciting events that will be on until the end of May.

We will be joined by knowledgeable speakers who bring their unique perspectives and experiences to the table, making these events an unmissable opportunity to learn, grow and connect with like-minded individuals. The best part? Entrance is completely free, and so are the refreshments afterwards, but be sure to book your spot early to avoid disappointment! Let’s get ready to dig into the world of gardening together!

 To Book, email Pam at or call our info desk on 011 792 5616


 Date: Saturday, 6 April 2024 at 10h30
Autumn…opportunity abounds!

Autumn is brim-full of activity when we start preparing for the most wonderful time on the gardening calendar – Spring!  Paul Vonk from Mayford Seeds will walk you through a palette of autumn activities from ‘Farm to Fork’, starting with vegetables for autumn and leading into spring, spring flowers and bulbs, seasonal culinary herbs, cool season lawn, organic fertilising and annual highpoints.  Never a dull moment – you will be entertained and leave inspired!

 Date: Saturday, 20 April 2024 at 10h30
Gardening with Nature

One of the pleasures of gardening is seeing birds, bees and other wildlife enjoying your greening efforts. Join Roy Trendler, who has been active in wildlife and birding for most of his life, in this fascinating talk on a more organic approach to providing and planning a sanctuary for these creatures and which plants to use to offer appropriate food and shelter, whilst creating a natural balance between plants, pests and their predators.

 Date: Saturday, 4 May 2024 at 10h30
The WOW-factor in your Garden

What is the elusive WOW-factor? Is it myth or legend? What makes a WOW-factor wow? To many of us, this term seems abstract and metaphysical, hard to grasp or even to visualise…but it is out there and it is a big deal. The question is, how do we WOW-factor our very own garden? Is it just a focal feature or something much, much more? Come along and let landscape designer and lecturer, Michael Rickhoff, share with you all he knows of this Funky Fun Factor that brings life, spirit and impact to the garden space.

Date: Saturday, 18 May 2024 at 10h30
How to plant your own beautiful hanging basket

Hans from Sittigs show you how much fun it is to plant your own mini hanging garden, sharing lots of tips on suitable plants, fun colour combinations, best growing media to use, and how to take care of your hanging basket once it’s ready to grow and flourish.