Fresh Ideas for Heritage Day

Our National Heritage day is dedicated to celebrating our cultural roots and identity, and our culture is not complete without our friends and family! A braai with family and friends creates memories that can be passed on for generations to come. This year we feature a few more great ideas on how to celebrate this day!

Get in the spirit of uBuntu

Celebrate our unique culture of generosity and sharing, by gifting a friend or family member something they’d love. We at Lifestyle have a host of phenomenal gift ideas, including gift cards, gorgeous garden tools, the most jungle-licious indoor plants, fresh and fragrant garden herbs, a selection of outdoor plants, and more! head to our Online store or pop in-store! Share a meal with the people closest to you.

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Learn something about another culture

With 11 different national languages and a wide range of diverse people, there is no shortage of things to learn from other people. Even within our garden centre, we have plants endemic to specific regions, and ones that are of cultural importance. For example, did you know that the Sutherlandia frutescens (cancer bush) and Artemisia afra (African wormwood) are both revered in South Africa for their medicinal uses? Remember to seek professional medical advice for all ailments, before using home remedies.

Spend time in nature

We have a wonderful array of places to visit in our beautiful country! A serene walk around the paths of Lifestyle has for many people proved to be a therapeutic way to spend time! Nature has a way of calming our souls, soothing our spirits, and reviving our energy.

Pack a picnic full of local goodies, make some delicious treats to take along, and savour the quality time with loved ones. This time last year, we shared a delicious recipe for kebabs made with fresh rosemary!

Why not try fresh salads made with your own homegrown salad greens and peppery rocket leaves, or pick fresh lemons and make a cooling lemonade for the family. Find herbs and salad leaves on promotion at Lifestyle!

There are just so many wonderful ways to unwind this Heritage day!

For our Spring herby kebabs recipe from last year, click on the image below:

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Kebabs are so much fun to make, and delicious when braai’d!

Find what you need at Lifestyle Home Garden:

We have the widest array of fresh herb pots, available for your convenience in several sizes! Find them in the Feed from your Garden section. Don’t forget to add a pair of garden shears and a handy pair of gloves to your basket to make harvesting your herbs, veg and fruit easy as pie!!

Go Indigenous in the Garden this Heritage Day:

Don’t forget to opt for Indigenous when you plan your garden. Planting indigenous plants is advantageous compared to exotics, given that indigenous plants are more suited to thrive in our environmental conditions. They are generally more hardy, can maintain themselves in our dry conditions and they attract birds and wildlife. Commonly, indigenous plants require less water once established and given their suitability to our environmental conditions, they are fabulous additions to any South African garden! Read more about Indigenous planting |HERE|

Find our stunning selection of Fynbos in store – Read more about Fynbos |HERE|

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