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At Lifestyle Home Garden we strive to inspire the creative, the garden guru, the newbie, the young enthusiast and the passionate home owner. Follow our calendar for gardening events, interesting talks, markets and of course the daily escapades of our annual Garden Design Show.

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Lifestyle garden club

The Lifestyle Garden Club, which has been active for 20 years and meets monthly at the Gardener’s Terrace Lecture Hall at Lifestyle Home Garden, is the club to join if you are looking for riveting gardening events and are keen on finding out more about all aspects of gardening from some of the country’s experts in their fields. From bedding plants to orchids, vegetable gardening to how-to-garden with your soil and ideas to spark your creativity, our guest speakers amaze and amuse all with their knowledge and anecdotes from their gardening experience.

Every few months the Club goes on field trips to notable gardens or outside events taking place around the city – as gardening is an outdoor experience, we feel the need to get out and about and enjoy the wealth of flora and design the Highveld has to offer.

From 18 to 80, all ages, all sizes, sexes and ideologies are welcome! If you’d like to have a look-see before joining, do join us on the 2nd Saturday of the month (February to November) at 09h00 for 09h30 – we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

The Lifestyle Garden Club is chaired by the seriously enthusiastic gardener, TV and radio host, Melanie Walker. Melanie presents ‘Design-a-Garden’ on the Home Channel, has a weekly radio show, ‘Grounded’ and was gardening editor for SA Garden & Home for a number of years. Despite this mastery Melanie acknowledges that the world’s number one hobby is a continuous learning process and as such gets the top experts in the industry to join her in making the club that much more interesting and valuable to our members.

An annual membership is payable for the Lifestyle Garden Club. All enquiries can be directed to:
Pam Groen at 011 792 5616 or e-mail

Soweto/Islamic garden club

The Soweto/Islamic Garden Club offers:

  • Hands-on workshops.
  • Outings to growers.
  • Outings to various show gardens.
  • Guest speakers who are specialists in their field.
  • An annual gardening competition at the end of each year.
  • A bi-monthly newsletter brimming with tips, what’s in and what’s not, new ideas, things to do and gardening events.
  • Every meeting ends with a Question and Answer session to provide solutions to gardening problems.

The club meets on the second Saturday of every month at 13h30 for 14h00 at the Gardener’s Terrace Lecture Hall at Lifestyle Garden Centre.

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An annual membership is payable for the Soweto/Islamic Garden Club. This includes a garden club card entitling the bearer to discount on certain items at Lifestyle Home Garden.

Although the club started off as the Soweto/Islamic Garden Club, all are welcome to join. For more information please contact: Pam Groen at 011 792 5616 or e-mail her at

Lifestyle garden design show

Even though it may be said that there’s nothing new about gardening, every year more and more people are drawn to this most pleasing of outdoor pursuits. It’s no longer something for you to do in your time off, but rather an event that people think about on a daily basis and become truly engrossed in. The chance to create an extra ‘room’ in previously unused spaces has become the watchword of the new Millennium and as such the Lifestyle Garden Design Show has become an example to the creators in the industry.

Since 1997, Lifestyle College student Landscape Designers have imagined and created great garden designs that are workable in any home environment. Not only do the annual show gardens exhibit the latest design trends and extraordinary landscaping skill, but they also display ingenious creativity, imaginative interpretation and resourceful capturing of pertinent topics, all the while ensuring that the gardens are not only sensually appealing but also relevant and realistic.

With more focus being given to ‘Garden-tainment’ – in the very pertinent sunny South Africa – it’s time to take our outdoor entertaining spaces that step further and create livable living outdoor rooms. Be they intimate private gardens or bold landscapes, our Garden Design Show creates the cutting edge design that inspires consumers to implement relevant trends into their own garden.

With more and more people living in less and less space, there is a greater need to make smart decisions about what to grow and how to grow it. As show gardens are essentially ‘small space gardens’, visitors to the show will be exposed to the most appropriate ways of creating their ideal compact garden, with rich colours and textures creating major focal points.

After all, the garden doesn’t stop growing, neither should the way we think about our garden spaces. Whatever one’s personal style, there’s something on the show that is sure to please every taste….

Positioned as it is at the beginning of the year, during the height of the growing season, the Lifestyle Garden Design Show gives you the inspiration needed to get out into your gardens and do something new, to create a garden that is sustainable throughout the year. Not only do we take a look at current trends in garden design, we also highlights the latest and most ‘must-have’ plants, gardening products and accessories, all the while creating an explosion of colour and scents to delight the senses. This yearly event is one to be diarized and enjoyed by all!

This is a company where our business is also our passion and as such we bring you the annual Garden Show to please and inspire. Because to inspire the creative, the garden guru, the newbie, the young enthusiast and the passionate home owner – that is our lifestyle. The kind of lifestyle that is created in an attempt to ultimately help you to create and choose the lifestyle that suits you.