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Have you ever looked at this long, gourd-shaped, purple fruit and wondered why it is called an eggplant?

Apparently the name dates way back to the 1700s when the early European versions of the fruit were smaller and yellow or white, looking a bit like goose or hen’s eggs! Indeed a unique and interesting vegetable (or fruit if you want to be technically correct) with its slightly bitter flavour and spongy texture.

This wonderful veggie is a low calorie, nutritious, rich in soluble fiber vegetable that can be oven baked, barbequed, fried, steamed or pickled.

Did you know that 100g provides just 24 calories but contributes about 9% of RDA (recommended daily allowance) of fiber. Never a dull moment in the kitchen when you are ready to harvest your home grown crop!

Harvesting Eggplant

Eggplant should be firm and somewhat heavy for their size, with a smooth and glossy skin and an intense purple hue. Avoid any that appear withered, bruised, or discoloured.

When cutting the fruit from the plant, leave the calyx and about 3cm or so of stem intact to prevent rot. Harvested fruit can be stored in the fridge drawer for up to two weeks before use.

Growing Success with Eggplant

Grow eggplants in an area where they will receive a minimum of six to eight hours of direct sunlight per day. If too shady, you will end up with leggy plants, minimal fruit set and plants susceptible to diseases.

Their upright growth habit makes them ideal for smaller spaces and especially for container gardening.

Eggplant “Patio Baby” Variety

This is your answer to growing eggplants in containers. “Patio Baby” is a compact growing variety that produces a bumper crop of bite size eggplants. These glossy, purple-black eggplants are not bitter, even if picked a few days after they are ready for harvest.

Find Eggplants in our ‘Feed from Your Garden’ area, already bearing beautiful fruit!

Eggplant Lifestyle Home Garden Nursery and Plant Shop Johannesburg

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