Earth Day 2018


Earth Day 2018 is dedicated to informing and inspiring all people to revise and change their attitude and behavior about plastics.

Plastics are threatening the survival of our planet and ultimately our survival – they are polluting our oceans, beaches and waterways, poisoning and injuring our marine life, spilling over from our landfills and affecting our health.

This Earth Day, 22 April 2018; let’s take a look at how we, as gardeners, can take personal responsibility for our share in plastic pollution and make a point of being more aware of each bit of plastic we use and discard…

In light of this, we at Lifestyle Home Garden have created collection points for your used plastic plant pots.

After purchasing plants from us, or any other nursery, we want to encourage you to recycle the plastic pots and trays within which your new plants are bought.

After transplanting your new plants into your home and garden space; simply rinse the plastic pots or trays, collect them and bring them to our inside information desk.

We will then recycle them in a responsible way! If broken we will recycle the pots and trays into our own recycling bins and if usable we will return these pots or trays to our suppliers to be reused in their production.

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We encourage you, gardeners of all kinds, to join us in being proactive about recycling harmful materials!

Visit where you can measure your plastic footprint, get involved in an active global community and equip yourself with tools and tips on how to reduce, re-use, recycle and refuse plastics in a practical and useful way for a future free of plastic pollution.

For more information or ideas email; we would love to hear from you!

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