Cyclamen persicum

Cyclamen are nature’s gifts to us when days turn drab and cold and we’re forced to spend more time indoors.  Their charming blooms will brighten up your living spaces from autumn right through to spring.  They also make perfect gifts when placed in a pretty pot cover.

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Florists’ Cyclamen

Water requirements for Cyclamens:

Avoid getting leaves and stems wet. Rather water from below by standing the plants in a saucer or basin of water for about 30 minutes until the soil on top is moist. Let the top layer of soil dry out slightly before watering again. If the leaves turn yellow before dormancy it’s usually a sign of overwatering or exposure to too high temperatures or direct sunlight.  Remove the yellowing leaves and adjust the position and watering.

Ideal Light Conditions for Cyclamen persicum:

The Cyclamen prefers a position in bright light with no direct sunlight.

Temperature requirements for Cyclamens:

Cyclamens prefer a cooler room with temperatures ideally ranging from 10°C at night (with a minimum of 4°C) to 20°C during the day. High temperatures will cause early dormancy and the plant will lose its flowers, therefore it must be kept away from heat sources and hot rooms.

Feeding requirements for Cyclamens:

Feed plants once a month during the flowering season with a low-nitrogen liquid fertiliser. Stop feeding when the plants go dormant.

General Care for Cyclamens:

Regularly remove spent flowers and dead leaves by cutting at the base of the plant.

Cyclamens go dormant in spring after flowering. It will stop flowering and the leaves will turn yellow and wither.  It’s not dying; it’s just having a little summer siesta! Stop watering and place it outdoors in a dry, shaded place, preferably out of the rain, or indoors in a cool, dark place. Keep the soil just moist, but not wet.  If needed, they can be re-potted into larger pots in a good, well-drained potting soil at this stage. In autumn, bring your plant back inside and start watering and feeding as above when you see regrowth.

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