Create festive centrepieces with Christmas decorations

It’s that time of year again — Christmas party plans are underway. Whether it’s for a formal or intimate space, there are so many ways to create a unique festive dining setting. Follow our guide and get creative with laying the perfect table using Christmas decorations, using Lifestyle Home Garden as your perfect base for inspiration.

Festive inspiration for your Christmas decorations

To help get you in the swing of the season, we have a great round-up of our 2020 Christmas collection. What better way to get inspired than by seeing fabulous complementary pieces together, in a fun whimsical scene? Take a look at our Instagram highlights for our Christmas displays featuring gnomes, Santas, elves and more. Our Christmas decorations aim to set your home décor and Christmas parties to new heights. Apart from our ready-made decorations and display pieces, you can create a magical presentation with carefully placed items.

Inspiring ideas

When setting your table, use a table runner to allocate a clear space just for décor, while providing enough space around it for place settings and glasses. The key to making space: have a separate serving table for dishes and drinks. You can also double up on space by raising the display up on stands to free the area underneath. Alternatively, use a simple suspension system from light fixtures or the ceiling. Use gift wrap ribbon or clear fishing line to hang small Christmas tree decorations to have a floating display. It will add a whole new meaning of sugar plums dancing in your head!

Colour palettes

One simple concept to start with: create a display showcasing a single colour or a palette. This is a great way to create ambience using colours and similar pieces and give a festive feel. Some of our popular colour themes include: pastel pink and green, gold and metallics, rose gold, white/silver, rich browns, or bright masquerade colours. Choose a shade or palette, and carry it through by pairing together different hues on baubles, pieces of décor and by also matching tableware.

lifestyle home garden christmas decor 2020 garden nursery plant shop johannesburg gauteng specialty imported beautiful decorations festive season candles african summer pink
A mix of our African Glam and Pink Forest themes, for a truly unique table setting in soft pinks, rusts, copper tones, a mix of textures, and soft candlelight.

Twisted themes

In addition to colours and tones, why not try playing up a different theme to a Christmas interpretation? Take your snowy winter wonderland theme and trade it for a fun South African twist in a wild glamorous safari, colourful tropical or floral botanical look. 

It’s fun to mix things up- we have used elements from different themes to really show eclectic table setting ideas.

Wild glam safari

Get on the wild side with our animal print baubles. As a playful extension, you can use ceramic cups to create party favours. Fill the cups with sweets and small trinkets – ours come in designs of giraffe, cheetah, and zebra. This will not only wow your guests, but they can also depart with a small gift they can treasure after the party. Play up the theme by dressing animal figurines in Santa hats, or tie a red bow to any piece. See our table setting ideas, pictured in this blog.

Colourful tropics

Another fun twist to a theme – take the tropics to tinsel town! Create a fun scene showcasing exotic birds, bright baubles, streamers and feathers. For further inspiring images, explore this photo album. The key to making this theme work: contrast bright colours and metallics to play up the bright merriment. Use textures, beads and lights to add an exotic element.

Botanical bliss

Another easy but effective theme: a fantastical floral arrangement. Use the traditional Christmas flower, the poinsettia, to create welcoming bunches – both on and off the table. This is a perfect way to create a homely feel with bursts of red. Another colourful bloom ready to greet your guests is the hibiscus. A clever solution to making a one-of-a-kind display piece is to use a suction cup and then superglue a needle to the plastic nib. This acts as a base to hook on to the cut hibiscus stem. You can then secure it in a large round bowl or vase, and fill it with water to create a magnified submerged flower display. Keep the theme going and use vine cuttings around the table centre and place settings.

lifestyle home garden christmas decor 2020 garden nursery plant shop johannesburg gauteng specialty imported beautiful decorations festive season candles african summer pink
Elements of some of our themes, fuse together in an eclectic way to bring soft greens and gorgeous metallics to the table, with playful gnomes and traditional bauble-strings to really highlight the essence of Christmas.

Re-imagine your décor

Apart from using ready-made decorations, you can re-purpose household pieces. Use large vases filled with corks from past parties and place a candle in the centre to make a candle holder. A similar idea – take pinecones, string lights and a vase to craft a glowing centre-piece. For a subtle nod to a forest wintry theme, dip the woody seed scales in white paint.

Another simple, yet effective touch – just turn a wine glass upside down. The bowl of the glass creates a snow globe effect on the bottom and you can pop a tealight candle on the upward-facing base. The possibilities are endless with the number of mini-worlds you can create inside each glass with smaller décor pieces.

Dine in style with your new Christmas decorations

We hope you enjoyed learning about centre-pieces you can create with Christmas decorations. For more ideas on or questions about available stock, contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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