Shopping for Indoor Plants

19 Jul 2019, Fri

Shopping for Indoor Plants We understand that it can be extremely overwhelming …

12 Trendiest Indoor Plants this Season

31 May 2019, Fri

Create your own indoor jungle and discover your wild with our trendy …

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Balcony Gardening

16 Apr 2019, Tue

Balcony Gardening We at Lifestyle Home Garden are big believers in utilising …

Earth Day: Do One Thing

29 Mar 2019, Fri

Earth Day – Do One Thing In the spirit of Earth Day …

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Recycling Made Simple

26 Mar 2019, Tue

Recycling made Simple The urgency to help our home planet is increasing. …

Benefits of Indoor Plants

25 Mar 2019, Mon

Discover the benefits of indoor plants with Lifestyle Home Garden If living …

Garden Trends 2019

25 Feb 2019, Mon

Garden Trends 2019 We at Lifestyle Home Garden are always investigating the …

Conditioning your Soil

5 Dec 2018, Wed

WORLD SOIL DAY 2018 “Be the solution to soil pollution” In 2002 …

Garden Day 2018

16 Oct 2018, Tue

Garden Day 2018 Turn over a new leaf by downing tools this …

Container Gardening

27 Aug 2018, Mon

Container Gardening Container gardening and potting plants is far less daunting than it may …