Succulent Series

Succulent Series – Aloes

Aloes Welcome to the Succulent Series. This week we explore Aloes. This diverse and hardy family of plants belonging to the family Asphodelaceae is historically prized

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Spekboom It’s time to discuss Portulacaria afra or Spekboom, which also goes by the name Pork Bush or Elephants Food. This miracle plant is said

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Succulent Series – Lithops

Lithops The name Lithops is derived from the Ancient Greek words λίθος, or Lithos, which means “stone” and ὄψ or Ops, meaning “face”. Welcome back

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Succulent Series – Crassula

Crassula Welcome back to this week’s Succulent Series. Today we discuss the genus Crassula. This diverse range of gardening favourites are staples because they are

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Succulent Series – Echeveria

Echeveria Brisk greetings from Lifestyle Home Garden- welcome to the July Succulent Series. This wintery week we investigate three varieties of Echeveria. Echeveria Afterglow If

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