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Balcony Gardening

16 April 2019, Tuesday

Balcony Gardening We at Lifestyle Home Garden are big believers in utilising …


9 April 2019, Tuesday

Coriander Coriandrum sativum, also known as coriander, cilantro or dhania (depending on …

Companion Planting

8 April 2019, Monday

COMPANION PLANTING People need people – there are those we get along …

Benefits of Indoor Plants

25 March 2019, Monday

Discover the benefits of indoor plants with Lifestyle Home Garden If living …


11 March 2019, Monday

Growing Garlic Love it or hate it, Garlic has been used medicinally …

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Growing your own Cabbages

12 February 2019, Tuesday

Growing your own Cabbages Cabbages, in all their different forms and varieties, …

Food Forests

11 February 2019, Monday

Food Forests Our natural world is full of amazing edible crops: trees, …

Plants to Attract Bees

5 February 2019, Tuesday

Bring Bees Into Your Garden By having plants for bees in your …


28 January 2019, Monday

Plant and Grow Your Own Coffee Coffee! The addictive drink that gets …


22 January 2019, Tuesday

GROWING LETTUCE Lettuce has been around for many centuries – it was …