Guest Gardeners

Guest Gardener: Sarah Wilding

4 Aug 2019, Sun

Meet our July Guest Gardener! Welcome to this month’s edition of our …

Guest Gardener: Kim Rebordao

3 Jul 2019, Wed

Meet our May Guest Gardener! This month’s guest gardener is Kim Rebordao. …

Guest Gardener: Anina Joubert

3 Jul 2019, Wed

Meet our June Guest Gardener! Anina is a self-professed Plant Addict, with no …

Guest Gardener: Rupal

26 Jun 2019, Wed

Rupal is from Melville, just 20 minutes from our nursery! And Rupal …

Guest Gardener: Melanie Walker

5 Jun 2019, Wed

Meet our very first Guest Gardener! Melanie Walker is from Boksburg on …