21 Aug 2019, Wed

Growing Potatoes The humble spud, native to South America, has been cultivated …

Growing Tomatoes

14 Aug 2019, Wed

Tomatoes Growing Tomatoes An old German word for tomato is ‘Liebesapfel’, meaning …

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Growing Deciduous Fruit Trees

31 Jul 2019, Wed

Growing Deciduous Fruit Trees If you ever, as a child, got home …


5 Jul 2019, Fri

Artichokes Growing Globe Artichokes With its striking foliage and sculptural form, as …

Organic Your Lifestyle Competition

4 Jul 2019, Thu

How do I enter the Organic Your Lifestyle Competition? Take a photo …

Plantie Competition – How to Enter

20 Jun 2019, Thu

How do I enter the Plantie Competition? Simply; love you some indoor …

Herbs: Find your Guide

14 Jun 2019, Fri

Potty for herbs? We all have different experience and knowledge of plants …

Herbs: an Urban Greenie’s Guide

14 Jun 2019, Fri

Head over heels for Herbs The delicious pungent addition to a salad- …



13 Jun 2019, Thu

Celery What is a winter soup without celery?  Or a salad or …


12 Jun 2019, Wed

Rhubarb Hands up all who have fond childhood memories of munching on …