Plantie Competition – How to Enter

20 Jun 2019, Thu

How do I enter the Plantie Competition? Simply; love you some indoor …

Herbs: Find your Guide

14 Jun 2019, Fri

Potty for herbs? We all have different experience and knowledge of plants …

Herbs: an Urban Greenie’s Guide

14 Jun 2019, Fri

Head over heels for Herbs The delicious pungent addition to a salad- …



13 Jun 2019, Thu

Celery What is a winter soup without celery?  Or a salad or …


12 Jun 2019, Wed

Rhubarb Hands up all who have fond childhood memories of munching on …

Edibles: Your Complete Guide

13 May 2019, Mon

Edible Gardening Edible gardening dates back to the dawn of time! Think …


7 May 2019, Tue

Asparagus Isn’t it exciting that fresh asparagus is not only more readily …


9 Apr 2019, Tue

Coriander Coriandrum sativum, also known as coriander, cilantro or dhania (depending on …


11 Mar 2019, Mon

Growing Garlic Love it or hate it, Garlic has been used medicinally …

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Growing your own Cabbages

12 Feb 2019, Tue

Growing your own Cabbages Cabbages, in all their different forms and varieties, …