Care Guides

Welcome to Lifestyle Home Garden’s Care Guide Page. Here we have gathered our informative and practical gardening care guides for your reference to help you make informed decisions regarding your garden and to guide you in caring for and planting different fruit, flowering or general garden plants.

We have also printed hard copies of our gardening care guides which are available at the information desks both inside and outside. Simply visit us to collect one of these valuable documents.

To make your life super simple, we have also created select NFC (Near Field Communication) codes for easy product reference. This means that with the simple scan of a barcode on your phone, a digital link to the care guide will appear on your screen. This can be bookmarked to your favourites on your device for easy future reference. How technologically advanced are we! Instructions for Android and Apple are both clearly laid out in store. At this point in time we have NFC available for Orchids in-store. In time we plan to have NFC codes for all of our care guides in-store, but they are available on all our printed care guide brochures that are available.

Rose Care Guide

Basic Pruning Guide

Fynbos Care Guide

Orchid Care Guide

Citrus Guide

Seed Sowing Guide

If you have any difficulties, or questions pertaining these guides, feel free to speak to our information desks and they will be more than happy to help you.