Buffalo Thorn

Buffalo Thorn – Ziziphus mucronata

The 2017 Tree of the Year is the Ziziphus mucronata commonly known as the ‘Buffalo Thorn’, Blikblaar-wag-n-bietjie, umPhata or Mokgalo

The Buffalo Thorn is an indigenous, small to medium size tree that can be planted in small gardens.

These trees are deciduous and hardy, and as such can withstand drought and frost.

Buffalo Thorn trees are identifiable by their small shiny dark green oval leaves and small sharp thorns. It showcases small star shaped inconspicuous yellowish flowers in Summer, followed by small edible redish-brown berry-like fruit which attract birds and bees. They are sun loving and thrive in Summer rainfall areas.

The Buffalo Thorn has considerable cultural and herbal importance, applied in many spiritual practices as well as medicinal and ailment uses.

Arbor Week is a time when we are encouraged to plant indigenous trees as a practical and symbolic gesture of sustainable environmental management. Additionally, we raise awareness of trees and the important role that they play in our environment. By learning about the tree of the year every Arbor month (September), yearly we are enlightened about our country’s champion trees and why indigenous tree planting is so important in the attempt to keep our environment as green and biologically sustainable as possible.

The tree of the year is not always widely available and as such, we encourage the planting of any indigenous tree that you favour for your type of garden. The planting of indigenous trees helps in the ‘greening’ of our communities and the celebration of our heritage through indigenous biodiversity of which the occurrence has become fairly scarce.

This year we have the Tree of the Year; Ziziphus mucronata ‘Buffalo Thorn’ available in a 23cm pot for R199.99 and a 20l bag for R349.99 (while stocks last)

Visit us to find the tree of the year; Ziziphus mucronata ‘Buffalo Thorn’ or any other of your favourite indigenous trees to plant in your garden or neighbourhood…

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