Winter Trend: Bring the Outdoors In

Bring the Outdoors In

Winter is the perfect season to get talking all about taking your passion for gardening, and bringing that to the bedroom, living room, office, and everywhere else! Find fabulous ideas, tips and trends, and a whole lot of green-spiration to help you create a gardening sanctuary where ever you go. We’ve also included some perfectly suited plant picks to get you going, which are all indigenous and gorgeous to boot!

A green wall that will grow on you…

Bring the garden inside with you and create a living, green wall of wonder! Vertical gardening is super stylish and brings texture, sophistication, and a sense of thriving abundance into your space. Green walls can consist of multiple indoor plant varieties, which can be grown using panels and hydroponics on free-standing structures or against a wall. For all the details on vertical gardening, have a look at our dedicated blog |HERE|.

Alternatively, you can also use soil containers mounted against a wall, which will soon be covered by your beautiful creepers and climbers.

A living wall in your home is a striking, visual buffet of lushness! In addition, they are great air purifiers and assist in keeping your home cool during summer. Consider creating your green wall in an area with good light and ventilation, such as the living room or bathroom where plants can absorb moisture from the air. Watering your wall may be done using misters, a light spray bottle, or a watering can with a long spout.

Plant picks: String of Beads (Senecio rowleyanus) for hardy and handsome hanging, Large Forest Asparagus(Asparagus falcatus) for a textured climber, and Flowering Ivy (Senecio macroglossus) for a fabulous little creeper.

Step away from it all for a sense of calm

Getting away from the hustle and bustle is as easy as pot, plant, tree! Create your own indoor sanctuary by decorating with easily accessible, indigenous, and affordable natural elements. Group pot plants and hanging baskets together for a jungle-inspired corner, use succulents with bold features and textures as grand centrepieces, or drape shelves, racks, and even shower frames with a few curious climbers. Breathe life into a corner of a room by bringing your favourite tree inside with you, or showcasing a friendly variety of ferns.

Put your creativity and decorating skills to the test by mixing things up a little! Try combining these natural elements with a few man-made, familiar favourites: Shards of bark inside glass candle holders, interesting river stones assembled around basins with a few succulents for fun, shells and dried coral arrangements, twisting fairy lights around pine cones and dried flowers such as Proteas. You may find that attention to detail really helps to cultivate the indoor garden experience and drive the overall natural theme of the space. Crafts and plants go so well – read more about our Kids Korner blogs |HERE|

Plant picks: Wild Banana tree (Strelitzia nicolai) for a tropical feel or the Dagger-Leaf (Sansevieria pearsonii) for a striking, textured feature plant. Set into beautiful planters and baskets, these really become trendy additions to any space!

Channel you inner calm…

Bringing the outdoors in has many wonderful health benefits for the body, mind, and certainly the soul! Indoor plants improve air quality by acting as natural air purifiers. Better air means better breathing for our lungs. An increase of good, clean oxygen improves concentration, mental clarity, enhanced energy levels, boosts happiness, and even helps us sleep better. Incorporating more plants into your workspace increases productivity and helps brighten up those blue Monday’s. Indoor plant benefits are numerous – read more |HERE|.

Caring for leafy lives is an effective way of channelling anxiety and stress into a nurturing outlet. Caring for a bonsai, for example, teaches great patience and inner calmness. Create a soothing and harmonic space that nurtures your soul, connects you with Mother Nature, and reminds you to stop and smell the roses – as they say. The heart always feels better with love, so why not invest in a life of love giving and receiving by inviting nature’s nurses into every space possible!

Plant picks: Spekboom (Portulacaria afra) for an excellent indoor air purifier or Bush Lily (Clivia miniata) for a flowering pot of happiness and colour! Or go wild and choose a bonsai – they really do create patient gardeners!!!

Thanks to Life is a Garden for the content – have a look at their website for beautiful inspiring gardening inspiration!

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