Aglaonema: Chinese Evergreen

Aglaonema; Chinese Evergreen

The Aglaonema is an excellent indoor plant for low light areas with gorgeous patterned leaves. This popular and durable indoor plant cleans and purifies indoor air by absorbing formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and benzene.

The textured spear-shaped leaves add wonderful dynamic when this indoor plant is used as a decorative item.

Additionally, it is a user-friendly and forgiving evergreen plant that requires only a moderate amount of water and low lighting conditions, making it a perfect addition when you are Discovering Your Wild with indoor plants!

Discover Your Wild with Indoor Plants like the Aglaonema; Chinese Evergreen.Aglaonema are commonly referred to as:

Chinese Evergreen

Water requirements for Aglaonema:

The Aglaonema; Chinese Evergreen does not need a lot of water. So a good watering once a week will suffice. It is important not to over water this plant and make sure the soil has somewhat dried out before you water it again. You should always scratch the surface of the soil with your fingers to test if the soil has dried out.

Ideal Light Conditions for Aglaonema:

Aglaonema’s are popular for indoor spaces because not only do they survive but they can actually thrive in low light areas; making them perfect for offices, hallways and rooms with small windows or artificial lighting. Be sure to avoid direct sunlight. A shadier spot in a bright room can suit this indoor plant.

Benefits of Aglaonema:

The Aglaonema; Chinese Evergreen helps to improve the air quality of your indoor spaces with the ability to filter indoor air pollutants and toxins. Furthermore, this gorgeous leafy indoor plant emits Oxygen, which assists in increasing productivity and enriching health and well-being both in living and working spaces.

General Care for Aglaonema:

As a durable and forgiving indoor plant, Aglaonema’s are one of the easiest indoor plants to care for, only requiring moderate light and watering. They need little attention and can even survive occasional neglect. However, we can all understand that the more love and care your indoor plants receive, the more they will thrive!

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