2020 Garden Design Show

The 2020 Lifestyle Garden Design Show

2020 Urban living inspiration proudly brought to you by Lifestyle Home Garden and Lifestyle College 

Change is here.

Where do we go to escape?

Go where things are natural and beautiful to connect yourself with nature. Go to your garden, your eden, your gateway to nature

And if you don’t have one yet, let us help you take nature into your home to create moments of calm, hope and balance through our 2020 inspirational Garden Design Show

Put together for visitors by the students of Lifestyle College and presented by Lifestyle Home Garden, the 2020 Lifestyle Garden Design Show features garden spaces specifically designed to evoke the movement towards urban renewal, urban greening, online living and a sense of community…

The Lifestyle College class of 2020 with head lecturer Mike Rickhoff.

Apart from some garden spaces that typify gardens as we know them, but with a twist, the show this year also looks at patio living, small and micro gardens as well as small balconies.

Visit Lifestyle Home Garden to journey through the 2020 Lifestyle Garden Design Show between February and May 2020 and choose which garden is you from our incredible show gardens designed and built to inspire urban dwellers and incite practical ideas to take home and recreate in your own gateway to nature…

What is the 2020 Garden Design Show all about:

The whole show extent is centred by a community district where children find release and society in a common recreation area. Community edible spaces continue to gain traction across the globe and we continue to support this noble endeavour with our showcased green spaces that include an edible eyrie set atop a soaring rooftop, a patio stacked with scented delights at all levels and for all the senses, and a wrapped boulevard that is overlooked by stacked balconies of colour sensation.

Furthermore, along the way will be encountered an array of succulent plants that have reclaimed an industrial strip and also evoke the whole genre of industrial loft living and renewal. The move towards online living where working from home and fingertip convenience will become the rule rather than the exception is also celebrated in the array of garden and living spaces as we journey through the boulevard.

A dramatic living space crammed with interest and featuring gardens within gardens leads to yet another journey through an unexpected area festooned with fynbos in a modern contemporary setting, that takes visitors to ground floor boulevard balconies that are packed with indoor planting cubicles of different generational genres.

A journey through the boulevard winding its way through the garden is certain to offer something for everyone!

Allow us to give you a deeper look into each of the gardens featured this year, to set you on your way to discovering your garden, your eden, your gateway to nature…

What to expect when visiting the 2020 Garden Design Show:

Visit the 2020 Lifestyle Garden Design Show – open to the public with FREE ENTRY and be inspired by the fully integrated show garden experience.

Our Garden Guide complete with the 2020 garden breakdowns and a plethora of gardening advice and insight as well as inspiration will be available to all visitors from the 3rd of March.

This is an event not to be missed, and a highlight in the green calendar!

When: 15 February 2020 until the end of May 2020

Where: Lifestyle Home Garden

A sneak peek at Incredible Edible 1 in the 2020 Garden Design Show.

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