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Transform your bathroom into a living oasis by adding some humidity loving and air purifying indoor plants

Shower plants have become a thing, and it’s not surprising, because who wouldn’t love to shower beneath an indoor canopy of greenery and do your business amongst nature? We have some suggestions of ideal bathroom indoor plants – that were showcased in the Sunday Times Neighbourhood feature on 17 September 2017 – to help you create an oasis in your bathroom space…

Hot running water from baths and showers create a wonderfully humid and warm space. Tropical plants love this kind of environment and thrive in a place where moisture runs rampant. Even though only certain indoor plants enjoy a warmer, more humid environment, there is a range of fantastic indoor plants that do thrive in this type of environment.

Aglaonema 'Chinese Evergreen' your living bathroom bathroom indoor plants

Bathroom Indoor Plants:

Aglaonema ‘Chinese Evergreen’

Originating from tropical rainforests, the Chinese Evergreen is one of the most durable indoor plants that enjoys moist soil. It is also an excellent indoor plant for low light areas as it has the ability to thrive without much light. This indoor plant can flourish in humid bathrooms with small windows.

Nephrolepsis 'Sword Fern' bathroom indoor plants for your living bathroom Nephrolepsis ‘Sword Fern’

Ferns thrive in humidity as they love moist soil and moisture for their leaves to bask in. Additionally, they appreciate a light space away from direct sunlight. In a hanging basket the long frilly fronds spray out in a wonderfully full shape, perfect for on shower rails or hung from ceilings to create a forest feel that looks lovely and also makes them happy.

Diffenbachia 'Dumb Cane' bathroom indoor plants for your living bathroom Dieffenbachia ‘Dumb Cane’

Requires most soil to thrive and enjoys a regular leaf misting, so the bathroom moisture is ideal. This indoor plant appreciates bright light (away from direct sunlight) so choose this for brighter bathrooms that have big windows.

Sansevieria trifasciata hahnii ‘Snake Plant’

Ideal indoor plant for the bathroom as it can tolerate low light spaces and is excellent at filtering out toxins. Sansevieria’s are low maintenance indoor plants and highly adaptable to different conditions which makes them easy to care for.

Dracaena marginata 'Madagascar Dragon Tree' bathroom indoor plants for your living bathroomDracaena marginata ‘Madagascar Dragon Tree’

Dracaena’s are great air purifiers and don’t enjoy direct sunlight, making them ideal in a bathroom space.

Philodendron scandens 'Sweetheart Creeper' bathroom indoor plants for your living bathroom Philodendron scandens ‘Sweetheart Creeper’

This tropical indoor plant enjoys humidity and doesn’t like direct sunlight. Additionally, the humidity encourages shiny, healthy foliage which increases its overall visual attractiveness.

Zamioculcas zamiifolia 'ZZ Plant' bathroom indoor plants for your living bathroom

Zamioculcas Zamifolia ‘ZZ Plant’

This extremely hardy and widely promoted indoor plant, is commonly referred to as the ‘eternity plant’, given that it is very low maintenance and suited to most indoor conditions. It’s interesting shape and strong glossy leaves with bring a fresh feeling into any bathroom space. As a tropical slow growing plant it doesn’t need to be watered too often and doesn’t need too much light, making it a wonderful option for your bathroom.

Spathiphyllum wallisii 'Peace Lily' Spathiphyllum Wallisii ‘Peace Lily’

Spathiphyllum’s are one of the few flowering indoor plants; boasting slender white flowers and elegant long dark glossy leaves. This indoor plant can tolerate low light and enjoys natural humidity, making a position next to a steamy shower perfect for it to flourish. It is important to keep the soil moist, making a bathroom space ideal in providing the necessary moist environment. Additionally, the Spathiphyllum is an excellent air purifier that also helps to remove mold spores.

Chlorophytum comosum 'Spider Plant' bathroom indoor plants for your living bathroomChlorophytum comosum var. ‘Spider Plant’

Helps to remove odours and purify the air so right near a toilet is a great spot for this indoor plant. It enjoys moist soil and moderate light, so a bathroom with some bright light is ideal in order to enhance the leaf colour and encourage new shoots. They look great in hanging baskets or hanging over edges of shelves as the long slender sword-like leaves arch from a common central crown to gracefully display their trailing habits.

Tillandsia ‘Air Plants”

Air plants obtain moisture from the air and don’t need any soil to grow, making a moist bathroom environment with little space for greenery the perfect environment for these interesting indoor plants. Attach them to bottle corks and hang them on a wall space or use wire to attach them to rails, window bars, shelves and cupboards. These indoor plants enjoy brighter light and you can let them take a bath with you (submerge them in water for a little bit and then hang them back up) every few weeks, and they will just thrive in your bathroom space.

Visit us to find your favourite humidity loving, air purifying indoor plant, pair it with a beautiful pot or pot cover and decorate your bathroom with greenery so that you too can transform your bathroom into a living oasis!

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