Grow Tomorrow


Did you know two million South African children go to bed hungry every night and many are not reaching their full potential?

JAM South Africa intends to change that statistic through its nutritional feeding programme that also encourages children to attend Early Childhood Development centres, setting them on the path towards reaching their milestones.

Lifestyle Home Garden is partnering with JAM SA to change the lives of children.

Lifestyle Home Garden is partnering with JAM SA to change the lives of tomorrow. Through nutritional feeding, school makeovers, agricultural development and training JAM aims to change the lives of children in South Africa through holistic childhood development.

Through the sale of our annual Garden Design Show magazine, seasonal projects, employee volunteering, customer encouragement and inspiration we at Lifestyle Home Garden aim to make a difference in the lives of children and the future of tomorrow!


Grow Tomorrow

One Red Bowl can change it all!


Jam SA is an exceptional organisation making a difference in the lives of children and deserving South African communities, follow their story and follow us together as we partner to GROW TOMORROW…



In its endeavour of “Helping Africa Help Itself” JAM feeds more than one million people a day in Africa and more than 90 000 pre-school children in South Africa.

Children who attend JAM- assisted Early Childhood Development centres are given a Red Bowl of highly nutritious porridge each morning which contains 75% of their daily nutritional requirements.

A full tummy means children are able to learn and play and have a better chance of one day becoming productive members of society.



JAM SA believes that as well as nutrition, children need a healthy, safe and stimulating environment that is conducive to learning.

To this end it facilitates make-overs for day-care centres in which it operates. These range from a mini to an extreme makeover depending on the needs and the funds available and are carried out by volunteers.

As well as upgrading the facilities, emphasis is placed on providing educational toys, books, blankets, mattresses and playground equipment.



In order to ensure that these makeovers make a real difference to the lives of children, JAM SA works with partners to provide training to the child-minders or caregivers, so that children are adequately stimulated and can be well prepared for primary school.

Our Agricultural Programme has trained more than 900 community farmers who are able to supplement their family or community’s nutritional needs as well as generate an income. ECD practitioners are also trained how to create and maintain vegetable gardens to help feed the children in their care.

Grow Tomorrow

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