Garden Day 2017

Garden Day 2017

Garden Day with Lifestyle Home Garden Nursery and Plant Shop

Turn over a new leaf by downing tools this Garden Day…

Garden Day is an official day for South African gardeners alike to reap the rewards of their hard work and to relish in the beauty of their gardensGarden Day is here to allow you to put your tools into the shed, relax and enjoy your planted paradise.

Invite over family and friends and together you can revel in the beauty of your hard work and appreciate the sought after satisfaction and reward that gardening provides us.

As a source of creativity, a space to reflect, an awakener of senses, a daily dose of therapy and healing, a place to stay grounded and find peace, a gateway to growth and prosperity, a space to appreciate nature and a foundation for the creation of beauty – gardening is so much more than just a hobby… it’s a lifestyle!

From flower gardeners, to water wise patio planters, greenhouse goddesses and vegetable vikings, South African gardeners are invited to celebrate their love of gardens this Garden DaySo for the not-so-green fingered, the avid horticulturist, the lover of nature, the patio people and those that just love getting their hands dirty, this day is for you to appreciate all the time and effort that goes into creating something unique and something that can bring so much pleasure!

So ready, set, grow your Summer garden over the next few days with our incredible varietyphenomenal specials and inspiring gardening goodies and delights so that you can down tools this Garden Day; Sunday 15 October, and enjoy the diverse pleasures of your garden whilst acknowledging the hard work that goes into keeping it so special.

Everyone can reap the rewards of your weeding, planting, watering, digging, dead-heading and labouring, no matter how big or small your garden or plant box is, kick back and celebrate the beauty of gardening!

Visit the Garden Day website for tips on what to do, what the day is all about and why gardening is so beneficial for all of us: 

For more ideas and Garden Day inspiration, visit . You can also follow Garden Day on social media and share your celebrations on social media by tagging @gardendaysa #gardenday

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