Chlorophytum: Spider Plant

19 June 2017, Monday

Chlorophytum; Spider Plant/Hen and Chickens Chlorophytum comosum is one of the easiest …

Sansevieria: Snake Plant

13 June 2017, Tuesday

Sansevieria; Snake Plant/Mother in Law’s Tongue   The Sansevieria (san-suh-veer-ee-uh), often called …

June in Your Garden

8 June 2017, Thursday

Your June Garden Guide June is here and with it the natural …

2017 Garden Design Show

2017 Garden Design Show

19 February 2017, Sunday

Lifestyle Home Garden and the landscape design students from Lifestyle College are …

Grow Tomorrow

Grow Tomorrow

8 February 2017, Wednesday

Help us GROW TOMORROW! Did you know two million South African children …

Back to Spring Back to Life

2 September 2016, Friday

It’s just that spring feeling … the one where nostalgia from past spring …

Rainbow Peppers

30 September 2015, Wednesday

It is amazing that green, yellow and red peppers all come from …

Rosemary Delight

12 August 2015, Wednesday

Rosemary – protective and satisfying on all fronts Rosemary is a Mediterranean …