It’s April in your garden and it is officially Autumn, which means fabulous foliage with rich shades of red and yellow decorating our streets and gardens!

Not to mention the final preparation before the cold hits and the excitement of those winter thrills that are already adorning our nursery…

ANNUALSApril in Your Garden

  • Plant your winter and spring flowering annuals
  • Favourites like pansies, primulas, violas, stocks and petunias are all currently available in a multitude of exciting seedling colours in the nursery!


  • Plant spring flowering bulbs now like; Iris Dutch, Watsonia, Lilium and Amaryllis
  • Prepare soil by mixing in compost and bonemeal/superphosphate before planting (do not use bonemeal if you have dogs)
  • Especially great to plant now is Garlic – break up the clumps and plant individual cloves
  • Remember to keep soil moist once planted – it is vital that newly planted bulbs do not dry out


  • Ornamental grasses are very much in fashion and will be at their best now
  • With numerous varieties of grasses available at Lifestyle now and many on special in our nursery
  • Look out for some favourites like Pennisetum rubrum ‘Purple Fountain’ and Juncus effusis 


  • Trim out any dead, thin or twiggy growth
  • Feed citrus trees with a 3:1:5 fertiliser and a handful of Epsom salts


  • Dig a layer of compost into your vegetable beds
  • Sow winter vegetable seeds like; broad beans, cauliflower, celery, garlic, kale, onions, peas and turnips (the perfect additions to your hearty winter soups)
  • Plant oriental vegetables and asian greens like pak choi or giant red mustard – which are very trendy right now!
  • Feed young vegetables with a high nitrogen feed to promote growth before the winter slow down



Start getting together materials like frost cover and bird netting, to protect edibles and frost sensitive plants going into Winter